Advanced Designated Mental Health Lead Course

Leading to a Level 4 Certificate in Mental Health Aware Leadership (Educational Mental Health Lead) in addition to accreditation as a Designated Mental Health Lead.

Schools and colleges can apply for DfE funding to cover the £800 cost of this course. Additional places can also be purchased.

Who is this course for?

Those appointed to be the mental health lead for a school or college, but who do not sit on the senior leadership team. Those attending will normally have had some basic or introductory training or experience in the role.

About the course contents

The course itself starts with a module discussing the essence of the full role (as determined by the Department for Education), before moving onto a module on ethos and culture for pupils. The following modules focuses on leadership and management of the topic, pupil voice, engagement with parents, carers, the community and the staff body, including overcoming difficulties in working with others. The final part focuses on reflecting on available local mental health services for pupils, in addition to a module on understanding the mental health and wellbeing requirements in the curriculum.

Online learners self-study 10-15 minute videos to work through the contents. They are set reflective and self-study activities by the tutor to facilitate the learning and are expected to work through these as they complete the modules.


  • Understanding the Role
  • Ethos and Culture
  • Leadership and Management
  • Pupil Voice
  • Parents, Carers and Community
  • Staff Support and Development
  • Mental Health Interventions
  • Targeted Approach
  • Curriculum, teaching and learning

We are delighted to work with some amazing local organisations to deliver this training in your area, scroll down to see organisations and training dates.


As learners work through the course, at the end of each module they are set activities to support the embedding of the learning to their work. In addition, learners are expected to complete some self-study of a topic relevant to them or their setting.

Learners reflect on activities in their portfolio, by responding to the questions in there. Guidance is available on the expectations on the response to each. These need to be returned within 5 months of the course start.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 3 days in-person or online live (or online pre-recorded) and portfolio

Difficulty: Advanced

Grant process

Whilst the DfE have not confirmed final details, we believe the process to be:

  1. Reserve your place on a course
  2. Apply for the grant
  3. We give you a code to claim your grant and invoice you
  4. You claim for the grant money
  5. We confirm your place
  6. You attend the training

Details of the grant have now been released, we recommend booking your place on a course to avoid disappointment.

Online Self-study course


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16 Dec 2021, 13 Jan 2022 and 10 Feb

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