We offer information, advice and guidance to potential customers or participants, please get in touch to access.
During the course participants are able to access support, 1:1 sessions and group support as suited to their needs.
After the course, participants are able to access support and guidance to embed the learning or gain employment or promotion.
Please contact us to access this support at any time.

To contact us or make an enquiry, please:

Call us on 02381 120010

Or email us

There is no charge for transferring courses, however any cancellations (excluding transfers) with less than 10 working days notice will be due in full.

The Network is run by The Root Of It Ltd, 3 Merridale Road, Southampton, SO19 7AB

Registered company 8477490, VAT number 190792872, DUNS 219353795, UK Provider Reference Number 10062174

For finance queries and remittances, please email