DfE Grant Process

Schools and colleges can apply for their grant at https://onlinecollections.des.fasst.org.uk/fastform/senior-mental-health-leads

(Last updated 1st April).


The Department for Education have announced a £1200 grant for schools and colleges in England (excluding independent ones schools). This is designed to cover the cost of training for ONE person on an approved mental health lead training course, with some left over for cover costs etc. (our courses cost less for example).

We have several approved courses, a one-day introduction, a two day intermediate course and a 3-day Advanced Designated Mental Health Lead with 4 pathways:

  • middle leader,
  • senior education leaders (leading to a certificate as a National Educational Leader in Mental Health),
  • Social, emotional and mental health specialist settings and alternative provisions,
  • Moderate to severe learning disability specialist settings.

Grant Application Process

The grant process seems to currently be:

  1. Apply for the grant via https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/senior-mental-health-lead-training-grant-funding
  2. You need a DfE login and it will ask for your organisation (they mean your school/college not us!).
  3. You will receive acknowledgement of your application.
  4. When your grant is approved you receive an email with a 10-12 digit code confirming your application (see the attached image below) and telling you when your training must start by.
  5. Book your training.
  6. Pay your provider’s invoice.
  7. The DfE will provide you with a link to upload our invoice and booking confirmation email.

Please be aware that the DfE application process leads you to the Leeds Beckett University online tool for finding a training provider and that this often results in Leeds Beckett University courses being displayed.

If you are experiencing issues with the DfE sign-in to the grant application form, please follow the steps below to link your account to your organisation:  

  1. Go to ‘organisations’.  
  2. Select ‘request an organisation’ from the related actions.  
  3. Search for your organisation by name, URN, or UKPRN.  
  4. Select your organisation from the list.  
  5. Provide a comment explaining why you need access to this organisation (this will be seen by approvers at that organisation) then select ‘confirm’.  
  6. Once you’ve made a request to access an organisation, it will be dealt with by approvers at that organisation.  

In terms of booking your course, we would obviously love you to attend one of our courses, these can be found at https://mentalhealthlead.com/funded-lead-training/. We have four courses for schools and colleges:

  • National Educational Leaders in Mental Health – a version of our 3-day course with portfolio aimed at those senior staff, heads, principals, trust staff, who have responsibility for both staff and pupil wellbeing. Leads to a Level 4 Qualification.
  • Advanced Mental Health Lead – a version of our 3 day course with portfolio, aimed at middle leaders who are in role and have responsibility for pupil wellbeing. Leads to a Level 4 Qualification.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any queries, our email is info@rootofit.com or our phone is 02381 120010.

Example DfE grant confirmation

Example DfE confirmation email

Submitting your evidence to the DfE

The following email has been sent by the Department for Education to some schools requesting their evidence:

Dear colleague,

We are pleased to confirm that you are now able to fill out the next form to complete your senior mental health lead training grant application and receive your grant.

You will be asked to provide evidence of the DfE quality assured training course you have booked.

Please complete this form within 3 weeks of the date of this email. If you do not meet this deadline, your training grant may be reallocated to another school or college on our waiting list.

Further information is provided in the accompanying form guidance, but before you complete the form you should have:

·         read the accompanying senior mental health lead training grant funding guidance and reflected on the learning outcomes
·         a DfE Sign-in account
·         evidence of the DfE approved course you have booked ready to upload

If you experience any issues with accessing this form, please complete the ESFA enquiry form.

We encourage you to submit this form as soon as possible, as we will check and authorise grants in submission order.

We expect to make the first senior mental health lead grant payments from the end of December 2021.

Local authority maintained settings will receive payment via their local authority, and all other settings will receive payment directly from ESFA.

May we take this opportunity to thank you for everything you are doing to promote and support mental health and wellbeing in your school or college.

Kind regards,

Senior Mental Health Lead Team
Mental Health Delivery Division