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We are leading a national consortium to support local delivery of Department for Education funded Designated Mental Health Lead training and have DfE approval for these courses to be funded by the Mental Health Lead training grant.

The consortium, which is backed by the British Psychological Society, the Society of Occupational Medicine and also Open Awards, has local members with local knowledge delivering the training.

Eligible schools and colleges in England can apply for a DfE grant of £1200, which covers the cost of the training and qualification, plus a contribution towards cover costs. Schools and colleges can buy additional places on the courses.

There are three levels of training available from the National Network of Mental Health Leads:

  1. Introduction to the role of Mental Health Lead (one-day or online) – an understanding the key requirements of the role, also suitable for assistant mental health leads.
  2. Mental Health Lead Intermediate Course (2 days or online) – an introduction to the full role and some of the ways that this could work in practice.
  3. Advanced Mental Health Lead Course (3 days or online) – for established mental health leads taking them to the next level and extending their skills, including senior leaders in schools and colleges.

A map of the DfE identified training outcomes to the courses can be found here.

In addition we also have non-grant funded one-day courses for designated Governors and Assistant or Deputy Mental Health Lead.

Advanced Designated Mental Health Lead.

£900, DfE grant approved, book your place now (schools/colleges can pay for additional places)

Delivered by local providers, such as local authorities, or online, this three-day training in-depth coverage and discussion of the multiple facets of what is a complex role. It covers the requirements for the mental health lead training, but applies it broader to your ethos, culture and staff wellbeing, in addition to pupil mental health.

Please note, we have found it often supports learning by grouping learners on a course according to setting and/or level/position within a setting so they receive a better experience on the course, for example, senior leaders being grouped together, middle leaders being grouped together, or SEMH and Alternative Provision settings being grouped together.

Available locally or available online, advanced training covers the full DfE specification for the role and lasts three days. Participants download a digital attendance certificate or to become qualified complete a portfolio. This involves some self-study and keeping a portfolio to gain evidence meeting the requirements of a lead and become certified. Participants completing this will also earn a Level 4 Certificate in Mental Health Aware Leadership.

We also have a self-study route, where leads can access online modules.

Intermediate Mental
Health Lead.

£650, DfE grant approved, book your place now (schools/colleges can pay for additional places)

This two-day course is suitable for those with some experience of the role of Senior Mental Health Lead and want to explore the full scope of the DfE defined role.

Introduction to the Role of Mental Health Lead.

£350, DfE grant approved, book your place now (schools/colleges can pay for additional places)

This one-day pathway is suitable for those wanting to get to grips with the role and understand what it entails. Participants submit their own action plan of next steps to gain an attendance certificat

Assistant Mental Health Lead courses.

This one-day course helps prepare a member of staff for their role in assisting the Designated Mental Health Lead.

Designated Governor for Mental Health & Wellbeing courses.

This 3-hour course helps Governors understand the setting requirements, to support them in monitoring the mental health and wellbeing provision for pupils and staff in schools or colleges.

Grant process.

The process for grant funding:

  1. Apply for your place on a course
  2. Apply for the grant
  3. We give you a code to claim your grant and invoice you
  4. You claim for the grant money
  5. You attend the training

See for more information.

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