Consortium Operational Guide


The facilitator should contact the absent participant at morning break if they have not attended unexpectedly by phone or email.

If a participant is absent we are able to offer them a video catch up of the day they missed. If they are missing multiple days of a live course then we recommend that they transfer to the online course. Just contact with the participant details.

If there is no response, then this should be notified to The Root Of It for follow up.

Pre-notified absence should be reported to the other party (facilitator or The Root Of It) and attendance at a substitute day or online access should be arranged by the best placed person.


Participants should log in and mark themselves present by marking the relevant day complete on their course under My Course Dashboard.

Cancellation of Course dates

All course cancellations need to be organised by The Root Of It, consortium members need to liaise with the team on 02381 120010 to facilitate the change. Participants will be contacted by The Root Of It with details of their options and the website updated in line with our internal processes.

Change of Course dates

All changes of course dates need to be organised by The Root Of It, consortium members need to liaise with the team on 02381 120010 to facilitate the change. Consortium members need to provide new dates at the time of requesting a date change. Participants will be contacted by The Root Of It and the website updated in line with our internal processes.

End of Course Reporting

Facilitators need to complete the End of Course Report on the final day or as close as possible and return it to This enables us to have a record of any attendance or delivery issues in case of queries or complaints. This also gives us a record of who delivered the training on which days.

Change of Name

Participants will need to contact us directly on 02381 120010 or Because they enter personal details, such as access needs or food allergies, in addition to completing a personal skills audit, it is often easier for us to delete the original account and process a new booking, rather than try to separate two people’s combined details if we just change the name.

Course Sizes and Trainer Ratios

The normal ratio for trainers on the Advanced and Intermediate course pathways is:

  • 12+ participants – two trainers (although it is possible to deliver up to 15 with a single trainer).
  • 9-11 participants – a single trainer will be paid for (however Consortium Members can opt to still deliver with two trainers).
  • 6-8 participants – courses will need approval from The Root Of It to run (as The Root Of It will be contributing financially to run these courses).
  • Less than 6 participants – courses are unviable and learners will need to be transferred to other courses of their choice.

Introduction courses require a minimum of 6 participants and are delivered by a single trainer.

How to Guides

Invoice Queries

Invoice queries, such as copies or change of details, should be directed to


There are a range of marketing examples available at Consortium Marketing Templates

Payment for Trainers

Payment is sent to the Consortium Member for trainers following the final day of training and return of the Course Report. There is an expectation that participants from the course will be completing the mandatory post-course feedback as this is reported to the DfE. The payment is normally self-invoiced by The Root Of It based on the agreed trainer rate and also the incentive payments for large courses. Payment for participants is based on where they attended the majority of the course, for example if completing a three-day course and they attend elsewhere for two of those days, the payment would follow them. For those organisations who are required to pay VAT then this will include that. For non-VAT registered or for those where the service is VAT exempt then VAT will not be included.

Trainer/Facilitator Materials

These are accessed through My Course Dashboard.

Venue Bookings

Most consortium members are providing the training venue as part of their fee, however some Consortium Members are not in that position and so the venue fees are paid by us. The Consortium Member is responsible for identifying the venue and liaising with them, however they provide details of The Root Of It for payment (see below). There is a budget allocated for £30 per person per day for venue/lunch/refreshments and Consortium Members can book venues within this budget without seeking approval from us (but please make sure you let us know at The normal minimum for bookings is for 8 participants. For higher costs or higher minimum booking level, approval will need to be sought from us prior to booking, along with a rationale (e.g. no other venue available, or higher cost region). This can be done by email to

Finance details to provide are:

  • The Root Of It Ltd
  • Registered address: 3 Merridale Road, Southampton, SO19 7AB
  • Company number: 8477490
  • VAT registration number: 190792872
  • They need to use your contact details for communications about the booking.