Ukraine Resources

The events in the Ukraine have directly affected the wellbeing of those we work with. This war has a particular significance as it is within Europe and it is relatable to our society (potentially more so than other wars) many people (staff, pupils and families) may be imagining the potential impact on life if they were there. In addition, a percentage of our staff and pupils will have been directly impacted by the war, or have relatives there.

The National Network of Mental Health Leads have therefore pooled resources which may be useful to schools and colleges.

Article from The Times discussing explaining the War in Ukraine to children (suggested by Billericay Teaching Alliance): 

Resources to use for Schools and Parents during Ukraine Conflict from London Diocesan Board of Schools (suggested by Severn Teaching Alliance):

Article from The Conversation “Teachers can offer a safe space for students to talk about the war in Ukraine and help them take action” (Suggested by Severn Teaching Alliance):

Article from Children’s Commissioner “We should not hide from children what is happening in Ukraine” (Suggested by Severn Teaching Alliance):

Dragonfly Impact Education Free Weekly Bulletin “Evidence based wellbeing tips delivered straight to your inbox each week. Feel free to share with staff, students, parents, or just use yourself!” (Suggested by Severn Teaching Alliance):

Information from Norfolk Educational Psychology and Specialist Support website:

The war in Ukraine – How schools can support children – Educational Psychology & Specialist Support (

Guidance from School Improvement Liverpool on using dialogue to explore sensitive issues in PSHE with particular focus on Ukraine

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