Advanced Designated Mental Health Lead Course (Special Schools) January 2022

Leading to a Level 4 Certificate in Mental Health Aware Leadership (Educational Mental Health Lead) in addition to accreditation as a Designated Mental Health Lead.

Discounts: If you are training a second Mental Health Lead following the departure of your previous trained Lead then you will qualify for a discount of up to 50% (previously trained with us) or 30% (trained with a different provider). Please contact with details so that we can apply your discount at the time of ordering.

Course preparation
All course materials are delivered digitally. This means you will need to bring a device or download the materials before coming on the course.
Before the course you are required to complete a personal skills audit and also a setting audit. These are both available online through If a colleague is also completing a course with us, then complete the setting audit in tandem.

Venue: Online

Times: 9.30am – 4.30pm

Dates: 20th Jan 2022, 24th Mar & 26th May 2022

Title: Day 3 – Mental Health Lead training – 26th May 2022
Time: 9.30am – 4.30pm

To access the training use the Teams invitation below.

You’re invited to join a Microsoft Teams meeting

Title: Day 3 – Mental Health Lead training
Time: 26 May 2022 09:30:00 British Summer Time

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Course Instructors


Course Access


You will be invoiced £800 plus VAT (this course can be paid for by the DfE Mental Health Lead Training Grant).

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