Advanced Designated Mental Health Lead Course Newcastle November 2023 (SMHL008)

Leading to a Level 4 Certificate in Mental Health Aware Leadership (Educational Mental Health Lead) in addition to accreditation as a Designated Mental Health Lead.

Course preparation
All course materials are delivered digitally. This means you will need to bring a device or download the materials before coming on the course.
Before the course you are required to complete a personal skills audit and also a setting audit. These are both available online through If a colleague is also completing a course with us, then complete the setting audit in tandem.

Discounts: If you are training a second Mental Health Lead following the departure of your previous trained Lead then you will qualify for a discount of up to 50% (previously trained with us) or 30% (trained with a different provider). Please contact with details so that we can apply your discount at the time of ordering.

Venue: Newcastle Civic Centre, Barras Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne NE99 1NP

Times: 9.30am – 3.30pm

Dates: 7th November 2023, 30th November and 28th February

DfE Course Title: Advanced Mental Health Lead

DfE Course Code: SMHL008

Course Instructors

Helen Helen Author
Rebecca Rebecca Author

Course Access


You will be invoiced £800 plus VAT (this course can be paid for by the DfE Mental Health Lead Training Grant).