Advanced Designated Mental Health Lead Course Colchester February 2022

Leading to a Level 4 Certificate in Mental Health Aware Leadership (Educational Mental Health Lead) in addition to accreditation as a Designated Mental Health Lead

Course preparation
All course materials are delivered digitally. This means you will need to bring a device or download the materials before coming on the course.
Before the course you are required to complete a personal skills audit and also a setting audit. These are both available online through If a colleague is also completing a course with us, then complete the setting audit in tandem.

Venue: Colchester United Football Club, CO4 5UP

Times: 09:30-16.30

Dates: 24th Feb 2022, 24th Mar & 27th Apr

Course Instructor

Stephen Stephen Trainer

My career has been in education since graduating in 1988. I taught in both mainstream and special schools throughout the 90s and early 00s, in between qualifying as an Educational psychologist and competing a further master’s degree in Education. I joined the Essex Educational Psychology Service in 2003. In my most recent role as a senior specialist EP, I have co-operated to develop a model of enhanced provisions in Essex. My passion is developing all our capability and understanding to improve outcomes for our children and young people using the psychological, educational and neuroscientific research. Out of this has come our Essex Approach to understanding behaviour and supporting emotional wellbeing called Trauma Perceptive Practice. I currently lead the Essex education directorate strategy for social, emotional and mental health.

Course Registration


You will be invoiced £800 plus VAT (this course can be paid for by the DfE Mental Health Lead Training Grant).