Advanced Designated Mental Health Lead Course Basildon February 2022

Leading to a Level 4 Certificate in Mental Health Aware Leadership (Educational Mental Health Lead) in addition to accreditation as a Designated Mental Health Lead

Venue: Cherry Tree Primary School, 89 Church Road, Basildon, SS16 4AG.

Times: 8.30am – 4.30pm

Dates: 22nd Feb 2022, 2nd Mar & 26th April

Course preparation
All course materials are delivered digitally. This means you will need to bring a device or download the materials before coming on the course.
Before the course you are required to complete a personal skills audit and also a setting audit. These are both available online through If a colleague is also completing a course with us, then complete the setting audit in tandem.

Course Instructors

Fiona Fiona Trainer

Fiona’s teaching career spanning 11-18 schools in London and Essex has delivered an understanding of a diverse range of educational, social and emotional needs within key stages 3 to 5. Networking with colleagues in primary and special schools and the local PRU has provided insights into additional educational settings. As a senior school leader she has instigated sustainable cultural change in dealing with the mental health and wellbeing of students, for example in encouraging student-led expression of need, leading to the development of strategies to nurture resilience. She has regularly liaised with external agencies and health providers, following this up with further professional development and study relating to adolescent mental health issues. In a staff representative role she has provided assistance on a range of wellbeing matters, and where appropriate has worked to further issues that have signified the need for cultural and organisational change. Throughout the pandemic and lockdown periods Fiona provided support on a daily basis, both working in school with identified students as well as liaising with parents and students at home.

Jeffrey Jeffrey Trainer

Course Registration


You will be invoiced £800 plus VAT (this course can be paid for by the DfE Mental Health Lead Training Grant).

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