Billericay Teaching Alliance

As an alliance, our priority is to work with teachers, schools and a wide range of organisations seeking innovative ways to impact on every day learning experiences of children in the classroom.  We are proud to;

·         recruit and train both Primary and Secondary teachers as part of our Initial Teacher Training (ITT) programme, many of whom become employed by our ITT school partners as Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs).

·         provide a wealth of opportunities for non teaching staff, teachers and leaders at all levels to develop their practice, striving for the highest of standards. We constantly seek to identify and develop talent across all our schools.

·         be heavily engaged with School to School Support. Peer-to-peer working and collaboration is the most powerful form of professional development. Billericay TA has a large number of System Leaders including Headteachers who have a desire to work with colleagues beyond their own school impacting on the quality of Teaching and Learning, Leadership Development, and Whole School Improvement.

·         constantly reflect on classroom practice and School Improvement through Research and Development (R&D).  We create opportunities for individuals and groups across organisations to engage with a wide range of projects linking theory and practice in order to be more effective.

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