Become an accredited network.

The UK body for Mental Health and Wellbeing Leads, approved provider of Senior Mental Health Lead training.

The Network exist to support Mental Health and Wellbeing Leads and the work undertaken in their local area. A key premise of the way that we work is that we enhance and strengthen local support.

We recognise that there are many local networks providing support and supervision for mental health leads and do not wish to take away from those.

Instead we would like to invite you to join part of something larger and allow us to accredit your network for free.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean free membership for your entire network (we wish we were funded to make this possible), but it does mean that you can:

  • Connect with other local network organisers
  • Access resources
  • Influence the national picture
  • Access individual membership for the network lead

We promise to try our best to make sure this doesn’t cause any more work for you, but want to help you connect in with others on similar journeys.

If you would like to find out more or express an interest, please contact Richard Curtis on or call 02381 120010.

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